State of the Map Europe 2024 Łódź

Amanda McCann

Amanda is a from Ireland, but now keeps servers in Geofabrik working. She's been active in OSM for years, mapping, hacking, promoting OSM and diversity within OSM.

She can be found on Discord, IRC, or Mastodon, or hiking somewhere.

  • Flowing Connections: Mapping rivers & streams with
Andrei Klopau

Andrei is a Project Management Professional (PMP) with a Master's in Automotive Engineering and a current role as Head of Sales at Kontur in Warsaw. Andrey has five years of experience in an international transport company with experience managing a team of more than 100 people, then became a co-founder and product manager at the startup UTruck, combining expertise in transport, GIS, and OpenStreetMap. Andrei is also an associate member of the OpenStreetMap Foundation and contributes his time and skills as a volunteer for the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap team with a couple of thousand edits of OSM.

  • Disaster Ninja for Enhanced Disaster Response and Data Accuracy in OSM
Andrew Hain

Andrew Hain is based in London, UK, and has been editing OSM for fifteen years with a variety of mapping interests especially including local area mapping on foot. Andrew is a member of the OpenStreetMap Foundation’s Engineering Working Group, and is keen to build up OSM as the best possible map of the whole world.

  • OSM’s wiki and documentation: make it fit – or accept a substitute?
  • Mobile mapping session and workshop
Andy Allan
  • What's New With our Website
Anna Zanchetta

Anna has a background in Physics of the Atmosphere and Remote sensing, with applications to environmental studies (water management and desertification), spatial inequalities and sustainable transport. Currently based in the UK, working on ML for buildings footprints detection in collaboration with HOT (Humanitarian Openstreetmap Team). She is interested in anything maps and open source.

  • Production release announcement for fAIr, HOT’s AI assisted mapping community service
Bart Louwers

Bart Louwers is maintainer of MapLibre Native, a vector-tile based map renderer written in C++. He has a passion for FOSS and maps, but he's a definitely still a GIS rookie. In his free time you can occasionally find him on a bike or in a kayak or playing Ark Nova. Bart is Dutch and lives in Germany.

  • MapLibre Native: Maps for your Apps
Benjamin Daniel

Came to OSM via StreetComplete, and became a regular contributor.
Later started contributing to StreetComplete, and started a fork (SCEE) aimed at experienced OSM contributors, containing features deemed unsuitable for StreetComplete audience.

  • Let's Map Łódź with StreetComplete
Brandon Liu

I'm the lead developer of the Protomaps open source project, including the PMTiles tile archive format and OpenStreetMap-based cartographic product. I'm based in Taipei, Taiwan.

  • Chasing the Neogeography Dream
Eric Theise

Eric Theise is a San Francisco-based artist and geospatial software developer. Through videos and performance he reinvigorates the perceptual inquiries of structural filmmakers, experimental animators, the Light and Space movement, and visual poetry as new possibilities in cartography. His concerns include perceptual pleasure and fatigue, geographies of the natural and built environment, and subverting the presumed objectivity and authority of maps.

Since its Lisbon premiere (2022) he's given thirty-plus performances of "A Synesthete's Atlas"–manipulating projected digital maps in collaboration with improvising musicians–across North America. His animation, "If, as it advanced, the countermap's counter twirled the map around and down, spiraling out from Salesforce Tower to Bolinas as unwaveringly as the boléro. (If Map #5)", appeared atop San Francisco's Salesforce Tower throughout February 2024.

  • Eight Stories High, Comically Lo-Res, Visible for Twenty Miles: Spiraling Maps Atop San Francisco's Salesforce Tower
Flo Edelmann

Software developer from Munich, Germany. Got into StreetComplete during the pandemic, and soon wanted to contribute code improvements. Somehow became one of the main contributors, and also found more and more things to map in OSM. But that's nothing to complain about :)

Happy to join SotM EU 2024 as my first conference!

  • Let's Map Łódź with StreetComplete
Héctor Ochoa Ortiz

OSM contributor for over 10 years on a personal level, and contributing with local communities. Currently a PhD student researching the role of commercial users in Open Data Ecosystems for the ODECO project, at the University of Camerino (Italy).

  • How do users interact with the HOT Tasking Manager
  • The corporate landscape of OSM gathered from interviews to employees
Ilya Zverev

Ilya has been mapping OSM for a very long time. His attention span is very short, hence he also has written a lot of tools, including map editors, organized quite a few mapping parties in various countries, and wrote some wiki pages on surveying. He spend his free time either improving his Every Door app, or wandering in the city collecting hundreds of shops and amenities for the map.

  • Cycleways in OpenStreetMap don't work for city planning
  • Making Notes: How Every Door Replaces Walking Papers
Isaac Boates

I was introduced to OpenStreetMap in the early 2010s as a Bachelor's student in Geography. Since then I have completed a Master's degree in Geomatics and work as a research fellow and GIS developer at the European Institute for Energy Research in Karlsruhe, Germany. I work with OpenStreetMap data frequently and have a great interest in analyzing it as a bountiful data source.

  • Practical Application of Large Language Models for Data Validation in OpenStreetMap
Jakub Zmrzlík

Jakub Zmrzlík is the product manager at with 15+ years of experience in map companies. After a master's degree in cartography and geoinformatics at Charles University in Prague, he worked as a product and development manager at the Czech map company SHOCart and the traditional Austrian cartographic house freytag & berndt. At he is in charge of managing the entire product and its development.

More information:

  • - OpenStreetMap data in practice
Julian Psotta

Julian Psotta is a geospatial professional from Germany with over 7 years of experience. He specialises in mobility software for humanitarian aid distribution and last mile delivery and is currently the Product Manager of the Smart Mobility team at HeiGIT. There he leads the company's efforts to support decision makers and field operations of various non-profit aid organisations in curating and accessing mobility tools for basic routing, accessibility analysis and complex delivery scenarios.

  • OSM-Transform — High-performance OSM data filtering, streamlining and enrichment for routing engines
Kamil Monicz (Zaczero)

I'm a passionate FOSS Developer and OpenStreetMap mapper, dedicated to preserving people's privacy and freedom. I'm on a mission to bring about positive change. Visit my website at

  • The Next Generation of OpenStreetMap (independent)
  • Mapping Poland at Scale: Automation and Innovation in OpenStreetMap
Kshitij Raj Sharma

Kshitij Raj Sharma is a product owner for map data access services at HOTOSM from Nepal, He is a passionate spatial developer with a love for open-source software and open data. His expertise in spatial data and deep interest in mapping led him to explore the potential of AI. Kshitij has been experimenting and advocating for FOSS and contributing to open data initiatives for the past seven years. He is also a maintainer of several open-source tools including free and open-source AI tool: fAIr, OSM Export Tool, Raw Data API, geojson2osm, OSMSG etc and an founding member of OSGEO Nepal

  • Production release announcement for fAIr, HOT’s AI assisted mapping community service
Maciej Adamiak

As a geographer and software engineer, my passion lies in exploring machine learning, remote sensing, data engineering, and research. I enjoy utilizing state-of-the-art technology and advanced tools to analyze intricate data and tackle practical challenges.

  • Crafting fair deep learning solutions using OpenStreetMap data

🧠As a trained surveyor, I have honed my skills in data analysis and interpretation, which I have leveraged in my transition towards becoming a Junior Data Scientist. Over the last two years, I have been exploring the realm of GIS, remote sensing, LiDAR, and data processing, which have become my primary areas of interest. My vision of the spatial data industry is that of a puzzle with open datasets, Python, SQL, and Machine Learning techniques being the pieces that need to fit together. In my opinion, the future of GIS lies in Big Data solutions and cloud computing, and I am fortunate to be developing my skills in this direction while working at CloudFerro.

🌎I am familiar with:
👉🏻 Python programming - Numpy, PyQt, ArcPy libraries, GeoPandas, SciPy
👉🏻 PostgreSQL, Postgis
👉🏻 QGIS and ArcGIS
👉🏻Remote Sensing, EO
👉🏻 Extensive processing and interpretation of spatial data

😸Privately I am interested in drawing, cats, dogs and alternative rock.

  • Architecture of CREODIAS WMS Basemap for Very High Resolution Satellite Imagery from Copernicus Contributing Missions
  • Quality assessment of OSM address points for selected administrative units in Poland
Mateusz Konieczny

Active OpenStreetMap mapper and contributor to software powering OpenStreetMap. Contributed some minor improvements to multiple editors and significant improvements to StreetComplete. Active in various places, including OpenStreetMap Foundation board.

Mapper active since 2013, especially interested in mapping bicycle infrastructure, hiking trails, parks. Mapping using Vespucci, StreetComplete, JOSM, level0, special editing tools and automated edits.

Involved in improving documentation about existing tagging schemas by contributing to OpenStreetMap Wiki. Active also in inventing new tagging schema where existing ones were insufficient.

  • Let's Map Łódź with StreetComplete
  • OSMF board – what are they even doing?
  • OSM Wiki editing workshop
Mathias Großklaus

Innovation Lead for Participatory Governance @ Agora Digitale Transformation, a German Think Tank (

  • How to leverage the democratic potential of map-based participation in municipalities? Harmonization efforts and policy reform
Michael Montani

Michael Montani is a GIS Consultant at the United Nations Global Service Centre, where he coordinates the UN Mappers community, and is a member of the OSMF LCCWG.
Over the years, he trained several hundreds people, from academia to UN and national agencies, on OSM and open-source software, in Africa, Europe and Asia, including areas of conflict.
Previously, he founded the first European chapter of YouthMappers in 2016 and was awarded the 2018 YouthMappers Research Fellowship to fight an endemic disease in Senegal using OSM data.

  • Hands-on data validation on OSM: best practices and tools
Michael Reichert

Michael has been contributing to OpenStreetMap since 2011, studied Geomatics and works as a software developer at Geofabrik.

  • OpenRailRouting 1.0
  • Landuse mapping in OpenStreetMap – Mapping Styles and Age of Data
Michał Bojko

Junior Data Scientist at CloudFerro and Geoinformatic's student at Warsaw University of Technology. Mainly focused on developing solutions for sharing big spatial data via open-source technologies.

  • Architecture of CREODIAS WMS Basemap for Very High Resolution Satellite Imagery from Copernicus Contributing Missions
Milos Brzakovic
  • Learnings from developing Microsoft’s Map builder UX
Moritz Schott
  • OSM Unicorn Index

Omran NAJJAR is the AI Product Owner in Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team with 15 year experience in software engineering, information systems, advanced data management and artificial intelligence. Omran holds a MSc in EEE, Computer Science, Turkey (2020) with research thesis and experimental application on Extreme Learning Machine (ELM) algorithms and a MSc in Data Analytics and Information Systems Management, Germany (2023) with research focus on spatial and temporal analysis on OSM - Nepal. Omran has been working in humanitarian and development context since 2014, specialized in monitoring and evaluation, Information and communication technology and AI for social good. Currently, Omran uses that experience to pursue justice, ethical and open source tech to amplify the connection between human[itarian] needs and open map data.

  • Production release announcement for fAIr, HOT’s AI assisted mapping community service
Paweł Struś
  • The road map or the whole map. OSM in geographical research.
Piotr Gramacki
  • Introduction to Geospatial Machine Learning
Pirmin Kalberer

Pirmin is a geospatial software developer since more than 15 years. He has contributed to GDAL, QGIS, T-Rex and several other projects. Pirmin is co-founder of Sourcepole, a Swiss company providing GIS services and solutions.

  • Farewell Web Mercator
  • Customizing Shortbread vector tiles

Working on the public transport in Tirana, and dealing with open-source for a while. Interested in disaster risk management through OSS.

  • Maintaining public assets through OpenStreetMap-based infrastructure
Said Turksever

I'm a passionate Geomatics Engineer, OpenStreetMap contributor and community builder. I love building maps and solving community problems by using my geospatial knowledge. I evangelize open data initiatives and develop the OSM community growth strategies for Türkiye. Currently, I’m working as Project Manager at Meta’s Mapping team and based in London, United Kingdom.

  • Streamlining Data Improvement and Quality Check for Pedestrian Map Data on OpenStreetMap: Milano Case Study
Séverin Ménard

An OSM contributor (SeverinGeo) since January 2010, Séverin has been implementing programs to create and support OSM communities in the South, training in OSM and free geomatics, and mapping territories in over 20 countries since 2011, first with HOT and then through the collective that has become Les Libres Géographes, of which he is one of the founders. He has been a member of the UN Mappers Crowdsourcing team since March 2021, in particular in charge of educational activities and content creation for the UN Maps Learning Hub. Volunteering for WeeklyOSM and the OSMF blog.

  • Hands-on data validation on OSM: best practices and tools
Till Frankenbach
  • OSM-Transform — High-performance OSM data filtering, streamlining and enrichment for routing engines
Tobias Jordans

Tobias is particularly interested in OpenStreetMap's potential to shape the mobility transition. In mid-2019, he co-founded the Mobility Transition Meetup to explore this potential with a like-minded community. Since late 2021, Tobias has been professionally involved with OSM at FixMyCity GmbH, where OSM data is used for bicycle traffic planning. Tobias is a product manager and developer living in Berlin, Germany. You can find him on OSM, GitHub, and Mastodon as @tordans.

  • Supporting Mobility Transitions: OpenStreetMap's Contribution to Public Administration Data Needs
Tobias Zwick

Tobias Zwick is a free software developer, he joined OpenStreetMap in 2013.

He is best known as the main author of StreetComplete, the most popular OpenStreetMap editor on-the-go.

  • Let's Map Łódź with StreetComplete
  • StreetComplete for iOS
Tomasz Ganicz

Hello World,

I am a member of organizing committee. Active OSM editor since 2010 (user:Polimerek) and head of Revison Committee of OSM Poland. By profession I am researcher and lecturer at Center of Papermaking and Priniting of Lodz University of Technology.

  • How OSM Poland tempered
Umair Ahmed
  • How do users interact with the HOT Tasking Manager