Tobias Jordans

Tobias is particularly interested in OpenStreetMap's potential to shape the mobility transition. In mid-2019, he co-founded the Mobility Transition Meetup to explore this potential with a like-minded community. Since late 2021, Tobias has been professionally involved with OSM at FixMyCity GmbH, where OSM data is used for bicycle traffic planning. Tobias is a product manager and developer living in Berlin, Germany. You can find him on OSM, GitHub, and Mastodon as @tordans.


Supporting Mobility Transitions: OpenStreetMap's Contribution to Public Administration Data Needs
Tobias Jordans

Public administrations are having difficulties implementing the necessary mobility transition at the required pace. One reason is the lack of good and current data. The 'Radverkehrsatlas' and 'Parkraumatlas' projects showcase that OSM is in a unique position to help.

Plenary Auditorium