Let's Map Łódź with StreetComplete
07-19, 14:00–15:30 (Poland), Outside events

Uff, so many talks, so much information!

Let's take a break and get some fresh air: We'll walk around a few blocks and solve some quests together.

Come with us on a walk around the facilities, or take a few stops with the tram and then solve some quests together!

No trash bin or steps railing will be spared, we will map them all! Or alternatively, as much as you like, really. We'll use StreetComplete's team mode to split up all quests among the members of each team to map together in groups.

We'll start on schedule because time passes quickly when mapping. If you arrived too late, check the history tab on openstreetmap.org to see current contributions in this area to get an idea where we went. :-)

Unless you join just to get some fresh air and chat, you need an Android device to participate.

Tobias Zwick is a free software developer, he joined OpenStreetMap in 2013.

He is best known as the main author of StreetComplete, the most popular OpenStreetMap editor on-the-go.

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Active OpenStreetMap mapper and contributor to software powering OpenStreetMap. Contributed some minor improvements to multiple editors and significant improvements to StreetComplete. Active in various places, including OpenStreetMap Foundation board.

Mapper active since 2013, especially interested in mapping bicycle infrastructure, hiking trails, parks. Mapping using Vespucci, StreetComplete, JOSM, level0, special editing tools and automated edits.

Involved in improving documentation about existing tagging schemas by contributing to OpenStreetMap Wiki. Active also in inventing new tagging schema where existing ones were insufficient.

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Software developer from Munich, Germany. Got into StreetComplete during the pandemic, and soon wanted to contribute code improvements. Somehow became one of the main contributors, and also found more and more things to map in OSM. But that's nothing to complain about :)

Happy to join SotM EU 2024 as my first conference!

Came to OSM via StreetComplete, and became a regular contributor.
Later started contributing to StreetComplete, and started a fork (SCEE) aimed at experienced OSM contributors, containing features deemed unsuitable for StreetComplete audience.