OSMF board – what are they even doing?
07-20, 11:00–11:20 (Poland), Plenary Auditorium

If you have ever wondered what OSMF and OSMF board are doing and why they exist it is a good presentation for you.
Will include a brief overview (as promised in the title) of what they are doing, reason for their existence and why you may want to care about them. And why you may want join the board or one of working groups.
Presented by OSMF board member.

Basic introduction to what OSMF board is and what they are doing.

Active OpenStreetMap mapper and contributor to software powering OpenStreetMap. Contributed some minor improvements to multiple editors and significant improvements to StreetComplete. Active in various places, including OpenStreetMap Foundation board.

Mapper active since 2013, especially interested in mapping bicycle infrastructure, hiking trails, parks. Mapping using Vespucci, StreetComplete, JOSM, level0, special editing tools and automated edits.

Involved in improving documentation about existing tagging schemas by contributing to OpenStreetMap Wiki. Active also in inventing new tagging schema where existing ones were insufficient.

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