StreetComplete for iOS
07-20, 12:30–12:50 (Poland), Room CA3

On end of 2023, we've made a commitment to focus on working towards an iOS version of StreetComplete.

I will talk about the progress we've made on this since that announcement.

Maybe we'll already have something to show, this really depends on the amount of contributions made till then.

Already in 2021, we've estimated what it would take to create an iOS version of StreetComplete. We have been taking the possibility of an eventual iOS version into account ever since.

Thanks to the many contributions towards facilitating its creation over several years by various people, end of 2023 we finally comitted to at least create a minimum viable product.

Henceforth, the last half a year leading to this event, we've taken further big steps towards creating an iOS version for StreetComplete.

I shall talk about the approach we used, the progress we made, the challenges we faced, the way forward and how you could help.

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Tobias Zwick is a free software developer, he joined OpenStreetMap in 2013.

He is best known as the main author of StreetComplete, the most popular OpenStreetMap editor on-the-go.

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