Mapping Poland at Scale: Automation and Innovation in OpenStreetMap
07-21, 12:30–12:50 (Poland), Room CA4

This presentation explores innovative automation techniques used to enhance the quality and efficiency of OpenStreetMap mapping in Poland. I will discuss case studies including zebra crossing detection from aerial imagery, governmental building data validation, and restaurant data standardization. The presentation will highlight the technologies employed (object detection, large language models), the results achieved, and lessons learned from engaging with the Polish OSM community.

Mapping a whole country is a massive undertaking!

Discover how I've used a mix of cutting-edge tech and clever automation to make OpenStreetMap in Poland more accurate, detailed, and up-to-date. AI-powered zebra crossing detection, building imports from government data, and text processing of restaurant listings.

In this presentation, I'll talk:
- How I made tedious mapping tasks fun again (well, almost!) by handing some over to the machines.
- Real-world results – see the impact these projects have had on the Polish OpenStreetMap.
- The secret sauce: the mix of AI, open data, and community collaboration that made it all work.

Whether you're a seasoned mapper, a tech enthusiast, or simply curious about how maps get made, this presentation has something for you. Come see how innovation is transforming OpenStreetMap in Poland!

I'm a passionate FOSS Developer and OpenStreetMap mapper, dedicated to preserving people's privacy and freedom. I'm on a mission to bring about positive change. Visit my website at

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