The Next Generation of OpenStreetMap (independent)
07-20, 12:30–12:50 (Poland), Plenary Auditorium

Ready for a revolution? OpenStreetMap-NG is a community-led initiative that's breathing new life into OpenStreetMap. From improved performance, refreshed looks, enhanced privacy, better anti-vandalism tools, a brand new API 0.7, and a whole bunch of features that'll make you go "wow!"

OpenStreetMap-NG isn't just yet another update; it's a new vision for the tomorrow of OpenStreetMap.

We're building a faster, sleeker, more secure, and feature-rich platform for everyone. Join this presentation to explore the new exciting changes we're cooking up! Simply put, we're not afraid of change.

This presentation will give you a non-technical overview of OpenStreetMap-NG, covering everything a mapper like you might want to know. I will recap nearly a year's worth of progress and achievements, giving you a front-row seat to the future of open mapping.

This independent work is not affiliated with the OpenStreetMap Foundation. We are just ordinary people who want to make a positive change.

I'm a passionate FOSS Developer and OpenStreetMap mapper, dedicated to preserving people's privacy and freedom. I'm on a mission to bring about positive change. Visit my website at

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