Farewell Web Mercator
07-19, 15:30–15:50 (Poland), Room CA3

Most of today's web maps are using the Web Mercator projection. A major issue of Web Mercator is the distortion of area sizes far from the equator.

In 2018 Bojan Šavrič, Tom Patterson and Bernhard Jenny published their work on the Equal Earth map projection, an equal-area projection for world maps.

This talk shows how to use the Equal Earth map projection for web mapping with different kind of data sources, but especially Open Street Map data.

The Equal Earth map projection is already well supported in major GIS libraries. This talk shows how to produce OSM vector tiles suitable for maps in Equal Earth projection, based on the Shortbread schema.

A growing collection of information about using Equal Earth is available at https://equal.bbox.earth/

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Pirmin is a geospatial software developer since more than 15 years. He has contributed to GDAL, QGIS, T-Rex and several other projects. Pirmin is co-founder of Sourcepole, a Swiss company providing GIS services and solutions.

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