Customizing Shortbread vector tiles
07-21, 12:00–12:20 (Poland), Room CA3

Shortbread is an open schema for OSM vector tiles. It is intended to be a basic, lean, general-purpose vector tile schema for OpenStreetMap data.

Since vector tiles are styled in the browser, the styling can be changed at runtime. This talk shows the tooling for customizing styles, but also goes into extending vector tile content with additional data for special interests.

Maputnik is a visual editor for styling vector tiles and can be used with Shortbread tiles. This talk shows how to customize styles with Maputnik and discusses other ways for styling.

For creating and extending OSM vector tiles, workflows using Tilemaker, Planetiler and osm2pgsql Themepark are compared.

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Pirmin is a geospatial software developer since more than 15 years. He has contributed to GDAL, QGIS, T-Rex and several other projects. Pirmin is co-founder of Sourcepole, a Swiss company providing GIS services and solutions.

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