OpenRailRouting 1.0
07-19, 16:00–16:10 (Poland), Room CA4

Six years after the presentation of a railway routing engine base on GraphHopper, Geofabrik released OpenRailRouting 1.0 and a public instance for demonstration purposes was set up. The lightning talk will present the changes to OpenRailRouting since its first presentation at State of the Map 2018.

OpenRailRouting is based on a forked version of GraphHopper. Since the upgrade of that fork to the current version of GraphHopper (9.1 at the time of submission of this talk), clients can submit their custom routing profile at runtime. This allows to support any number of different railway vehicles and route them with respect to their supported electricity system(s) and speed.

See also: presentation slides (1.0 MB)

Michael has been contributing to OpenStreetMap since 2011, studied Geomatics and works as a software developer at Geofabrik.

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