MapLibre Native: Maps for your Apps
07-20, 12:50–13:00 (Poland), Room CA3

In this talk, the maintainer of MapLibre Native will give an update on recent developments. We will also look at what you can do with MapLibre Native and why you should use it for your next app!

MapLibre Native is a free and open source mapping toolkit written in C++ that is often used for iOS and Android applications. More and more large enterprises are switching to MapLibre Native, especially after development has picked up the last year, which culminated in the delivery of a new Metal rendering backend that was released this year.

Bart Louwers is maintainer of MapLibre Native, a vector-tile based map renderer written in C++. He has a passion for FOSS and maps, but he's a definitely still a GIS rookie. In his free time you can occasionally find him on a bike or in a kayak or playing Ark Nova. Bart is Dutch and lives in Germany.