GeoResilient: Maintaining public assets through OpenStreetMap
07-21, 12:30–12:50 (Poland), Plenary Auditorium

Organizing the mobility infrastructure assets for small to medium institutions takes resources, that often they dont have. This makes it difficult to take decisions on priority for fixing broken infrastructure, scheduling maintenance, estimating costs, and predicting hazards.

ResMI is a tool for allowing several functionalities for institutions:
- Asset Inventory (includes cycling paths, bus stops, traffic signals, ...)
- Lifecycle management (activities like installation, maintenance, auditing, ...)
- Cost estimation (budgeting for asset type)
- Depreciation/Ammortization estimation based on institutional data (hazards including climate) or participatory (reported issues)

OpenStreetMap is used as a baseline database, and the attributes as a starting information for any municipality to get started. Then the inventory is expanded with new additional tags. The maintenance cycles are schedulable, and possible costs are either estimated, or overwritten. Topics like participatory reporting and climate change risk is included.

More informstion shared soon.

Working on the public transport in Tirana, and dealing with open-source for a while. Interested in disaster risk management through OSS.