Flowing Connections: Mapping rivers & streams with WaterwayMap.org
07-21, 10:00–10:20 (Poland), Plenary Auditorium

WaterwayMap.org shows OSM's connected rivers & streams. The main website, and functionality, will be introduced and explained, including the QA tools.

WaterwayMap.org has a unique view of OpenStreetMap's waterways, by connecting them all together topologically, with different maps based on different waterway tags. Topology mistakes can be spotted and fixed quickly & rapidly. Topology mistakes (like loops in rivers) are spotted and fixed quickly. This has led to improved tagging.

This talk will explain the website, backing tools, features, tagging developments, and possible ideas.

Amanda is a from Ireland, but now keeps servers in Geofabrik working. She's been active in OSM for years, mapping, hacking, promoting OSM and diversity within OSM.

She can be found on Discord, IRC, or Mastodon, or hiking somewhere.