Cycleways in OpenStreetMap don't work for city planning
07-19, 16:10–16:20 (Poland), Room CA4

This summer I'm doing a cycling infrastructure community surveying project for city of Tallinn. My first urge was to improve the data in OpenStreetMap, and do some statistics on that. But that didn't work even in theory!

OSM works for amateur mapping. It works for large-scale (read, countries) data needs. But the closer you get to the ground, the less sense it makes to use OSM. For example, construction: it needs the level of quality OSM simply cannot archieve. Turns out when you're looking at bicycle infrastructure, trying to identify things to fix, OSM data model and editing process doesn't help too.

See also: Slides (2.7 MB)

Ilya has been mapping OSM for a very long time. His attention span is very short, hence he also has written a lot of tools, including map editors, organized quite a few mapping parties in various countries, and wrote some wiki pages on surveying. He spend his free time either improving his Every Door app, or wandering in the city collecting hundreds of shops and amenities for the map.

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