OSM’s wiki and documentation: make it fit – or accept a substitute?
07-20, 10:00–10:20 (Poland), Plenary Auditorium

OpenStreetMap has developed with a wiki approach to documenting its tags. Over the years the documentation has grown organically alongside a wealth of other information and projects. Twenty years of often well-meaning edits have led to pages that are sometimes difficult to keep up to date or to serve to mappers looking for assistance. This talk explores where we can go from here and how to get there.

The wiki is a somewhat unsung part of the OpenStreetMap ecosystem. It is intended to be a space to support the development of OSM and used for its tag documentation along with other purposes such as tag proposals, local project pages and software listings. It is not always easy to keep it up to date and there have sometimes been conflicts between maintenance of the wiki and software that seeks to scrape it. This talk explores how the wiki fits into the wider ecosystem and how that can be taken forwards.

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Andrew Hain is based in London, UK, and has been editing OSM for fifteen years with a variety of mapping interests especially including local area mapping on foot. Andrew is a member of the OpenStreetMap Foundation’s Engineering Working Group, and is keen to build up OSM as the best possible map of the whole world.

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