Chasing the Neogeography Dream
07-20, 12:00–12:20 (Poland), Room CA4

A highly opinionated view of OSM's history and future from a full-time FOSS developer and 10+ year OSM software development veteran

OpenStreetMap has "won": its flexible tagging scheme and copyleft license has helped it power some of the most widely used web map services in the world. But arguably, it has not yet made mapmaking accessible to a wide range of developers, instead being the exclusive domain of a small class of specialists.

This will be an hopefully provocative talk examining the obstacles OSM has faced, and charting a possible path towards OSM finally delivering on its ideals after 2+ decades. I'll also explain how the Protomaps open source project fits into the next-generation OSM ecosystem.

* Technical trade-offs that have limited OSM adoption
* Inherent challenges in web cartography and worldviews
* The success of OSM data commoditization
* The absence of incentives for OSM service commoditization

* Emergence of a new generation of specialized tools and formats for creating and serving maps
* Co-existence of OSM with Overture Maps
* The potential impact of new OSMF initiatives like Vector Tiles on

This work is supported by GitHub Sponsors and an NLnet foundation grant.

I'm the lead developer of the Protomaps open source project, including the PMTiles tile archive format and OpenStreetMap-based cartographic product. I'm based in Taipei, Taiwan.