How OSM Poland tempered
07-19, 14:00–14:20 (Poland), Room CA3

The presentation looks at the history of the development of community mapping in Poland. It includes a brief history and reminiscences of the beginnings of OSM in Poland and the start of the OSM Poland Association.

As this year's SoTM is being held on the 20th anniversary of the founding of OSM, I decided to introduce the beginnings of the development of OSM in Poland, as well as the beginnings of the OpenStreetMap Poland Association, which was founded in a lecture room at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of Lodz Univ. of Technology - a few hundred metres from the SoTM venue.
I try to explain what the beginnings of OSM mapping in Poland looked like - the times when we mapped almost exclusively on the basis of our own GPS tracks and handwritten terrain notes, the times when the first Bing orthophotomap appeared, which did not cover the eastern part of Poland, the history of cooperation with UMP - a local map project competing with OSM, the effect of the transition from the CC By SA 2.0 licence to ObDL and some other interesting facts from those pioneering times.

I will also describe the beginnings of OSM Polska Association's activity - cooperation with state institutions, the first projects and competitions, as well as the crisis that occurred after the first 5 years of operation.

Hello World,

I am a member of organizing committee. Active OSM editor since 2010 (user:Polimerek) and head of Revison Committee of OSM Poland. By profession I am researcher and lecturer at Center of Papermaking and Priniting of Lodz University of Technology.